Winter in my yard

I have been trying to shoot or do something photography oriented everyday this week. I was able to sneak out to take these photos yesterday. Unfortunately all I could do to edit these photos was using my RAW editor because our desktop computer doesn’t have photoshop…yet (sometime in the future we will!) I would edit them on the laptop except it is wandering around on campus in the backpack of my husband, and I won’t have time to do it later on. So…here’s what I got (for now).

I think this one is my favorite of the bunch.


A view from my backyard

I am going to try to shoot a little more this year. It snowed all day today, and was kind of dark and dreary. I love the view from my backyard and hopefully was able to capture some of what I love. It was right at dusk, but you really wouldn’t know because it was pretty dark all day…I hope there is sunshine soon.