Beautiful Mommy

This photo, to me, depicts the loveliness in pregnancy. The glow, the joy, the love, the cuteness, anticipation, and thoughts of the future. Everything that is good about pregnancy shows in the face of Sarah. She is truly someone special. Caleb has a good mom!

Here are a few more of my favorites:

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Maternity Photo shoot

My beautiful sister graciously let me do a maternity photo shoot with her. It was a lot of fun. We both laughed the whole time. Unfortunately I didn’t get these done until after her beautiful baby girl was born…I didn’t even need to do a lot of editing. What’s my deal? Oh…wait, I have a baby too! and he doesn’t sleep, and he’s cute…who wants to edit when you have two cute kids around?

Oh, how I wish I lived close enough to get more practice with a newborn. My newborn photos could definitely use improvement.

Grr…I am so mad at myself for this picture! She and the belly look awesome, but the sunspots…oh, when will I ever learn?

Ow, ow! Hot Mamma!

I love this one! I know the focus is off, but…I don’t know, I just love it.

Her favorite…I like it too.

My mom’s comment, “that rocking chair makes people look good!”

Giving that baby some love.

This one is my favorite!

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