C and J were super fun to work with. These two handsome brothers are going to be heart breakers!

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The Post You’ve All Been Waiting For: Johannah!

Phew! Talk about a crazy month! I finally forced myself sit down and edit photos, or they will never get done. I really want to learn more about photoshop too…oh well, one thing at a time. Here are my favorites from Hannah’s shoot.

Look at those eyes!

I love all the photos, but I really love this one!

Thanks for the great time Hannah! You are beautiful

The lovely Jessica

This is my lovely sister Jessica. She has grown up so much since last year! We did the photo shoot in their yard, because I couldn’t very well leave a colicky baby with Grandma for too long, but we actually got several really nice pics from it. Ok…a lot. I had a hard time trimming them down. I have such photogenic sisters! Really. 

This, to me at least, really just screams Jessica. She is so fun, and I love the way she laughs!

Runner up…

 My absolute favorite! The only thing I did to edit this pic was bump up the saturation (a teensy bit) and contrast (a tiny bit). She and the light did the rest!

Thanks for letting me try to capture some of your beautiful personality, Jessica.

Johannah…need I say more?

Johannah is SO photogenic. She is always happy and has a really hard time wiping the smile off her face. She jokes constantly and makes everyone feel included and special.  There were way too many good photos to choose from. I trimmed them down a bit, but there are still a lot.

I only have Sarah and the boys left from this summer. Whew! I will probably go through other photos (not from a photo shoot) and edit them too. Hopefully, that will get me through the winter.  I have been trying to get out and shoot, but I end up editing most of the time because it is SO cold outside. I did get some great ones the other day, so hopefully I will be posting them soon!

Are we done yet? …And she still has a great smile!