Tutorial: How to make photos bigger in Blogger

As I was writing this tutorial I figured out an even easier way to change the image size! If you are still using the old blogger settings it won’t work, and you will have to follow the instructions below. I am embarrassed to say that it is as easy as clicking on the image you just added. At the bottom of the image, a blue bar will pop up. It looks like blogger automatically adds the images as medium, but you can change it to large, x-large, or original size. So yeah…I feel like I just wasted a lot of time. But I learned a couple things:

  1. How to take screen shots and edit them to show how to do something. (I knew how to do this on photoshop, but this computer doesn’t have it yet, so I used pixlr.com.) 
  2. I learned how to make simple edits to the html code (my husband would be proud). 
  3. I learned that sometimes you learn more trying to teach others than you do just learning by yourself… I may have been doing it the hard way for a long time if I hadn’t written this tutorial now.

Here’s the old tutorial:
I am in no way an expert, but I thought I would try my hand at writing some simple tutorials 1) to help me remember the things I am learning and 2) to help other budding photographers out a little. It took me forever to figure out how to change the size of an image in blogger. I hate, hate, HATE! that blogger compresses my images. I searched and searched for the answer to all of my problems, but I couldn’t find one. Most people suggest that you use Picasa web Albums or Flickr and apparently blogger wont re-size the image. Maybe one day when I start needing to upload a lot of pictures I’ll do that. But for now I want to just stick to blogger. Here’s what I figured out:

  1. First you will need to change your template to be able to fit larger images (if you haven’t already.) To begin, go to your blogger dashboard and click on “design.”
  2. Click on “template designer” in the upper left hand corner.

    3. Click on the “Layout” tab located on the left of the screen.

     4. Click on a wide layout. You see that I have the second one selected. I like this one because it is wide, but it also lets me see my blog list. 

          5. Click on Adjust widths tab. Slide it all the way to the right to make the width very wide, and    choose how wide you would like your side bar. Congratulations! You have completed the first step!

    After uplaoding an image, you will have a compressed image. To fix it go to html tab.

      Change height and width to double their size (I find doubling it is perfect for me, but you can probably go bigger if your layout is wider) 

    That’s it! Hope this helps someone out. 🙂