And Then We Found a Puddle…

I love maternity photo shoots! I love seeing and feeling the joy that soon to be mommies have, and even some of the apprehension for the next coming months. This is the darling momma of (now) 2 beautiful girls. How lucky they are to have her as a mommy!


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And then we noticed a puddle and couldn’t resist some classics. If you’ve ever been pregnant, I am sure this has happened to you. Although maybe not to this extent…





Beautiful Mommy

This photo, to me, depicts the loveliness in pregnancy. The glow, the joy, the love, the cuteness, anticipation, and thoughts of the future. Everything that is good about pregnancy shows in the face of Sarah. She is truly someone special. Caleb has a good mom!

Here are a few more of my favorites:

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This beauty is already finishing up her freshman year in college.  She is so fun to be around and so outgoing! She will have success wherever she goes!

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Every time I go home I am amazed at how much everyone has grown up. But this last time, I was astonished at how much my sister has grown. See for yourself. Beautiful. No?

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